Design Tools
Simulating Sea Water Environments

Design Tools

Scientia Maris researchers have developed advanced design tools to upgrade engineering planning & designing processes

Maris OWC

Offshore Wave Characteristics

Offshore wave climate & extremal analysis

Estimate offshore wave characteristics with wave growth formulas and perform an extremal significant wave height analysis to calculate design wave heights with corresponding return periods. 

Maris CWD

Coastal Works Design

Armour weight and dimensions

Optimize the required quantities of coastal works with CWD tool.

Maris QWS

Quaywall Stability

Quaywalls Stability Calculation

Perform analysis and design of quaywalls, taking into account different loading scenarios.

Maris TEC

Terminal Capacity

With TEC tool you can optimize terminal (TEU, General/Multi-Purpose, Dry bulk, RoRo) capacity and reduce vessels waiting time by calculating berth and storage area capacity.

Maris BTG

Bathymetry Grid

BTG tool creates a grid representing bathymetry of the desired coastal area with the presence of coastal and harbour works.